Bandai 5055720 Nobell Gundam HGUC 1/144 Model Kit

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Hgfc gf13-050nsw nobell Gundam is coming as the 2nd release of the hgfc (HG future century)! band a I has designed this kit not only to look feminine, but also to pose and move in a feminine way. Plastic ribbons are used for the hair as well as the beam sabers and you can even recreate famous scenes from the series involving God Gundam! Extra hands to hold the beam saber handles are included as well as foil marking stickers for extra details.


  • The second hgfc is nobell Gundam!
  • Five ribbons made of pet material are included. If you set it on the special base which is also included, You can make it hold dynamic poses.
  • Because of the swing function of its waist, it can hold feminine poses.
  • Includes the hand parts for hgfc God Gundam. You can reproduce the dramatic scene in which God Gundam holds nobell Gundam up in its arms.