edding 4500 Textile Marker - Pale Green - 1 Pen - Round Nib 2-3 mm - Permanent Fabric Markers for Drawing on Textiles, wash-Resistant up to 60 C - Marker pens for Fabric Lettering

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Create your own distinctive styles with the edding 4500 textile markers and edding 4600 textile pens. Writing, drawing logos, sketching patterns and decorations, painting kids’ T-shirts – edding textile markers make designing on textiles an absolute breeze. With their vivid colours, they turn your creations into unique mini works of art that won’t fade. Before you start drawing, place a piece of cardboard underneath to ensure the ink doesn’t go through the fabric. Work on a non-slip, hard surface and keep the fabric in place with double-sided sticky tape. Draw the outlines first, then colour them in once they’re dry. When you’ve finished, you can make the textile ink permanent by ironing it once (on the no-steam setting). The finished result will then be resistant to wash cycles up to 60 °C. The cap can be stored on the end of the barrel. Store the marker horizontally. High-quality branded product. Made in Germany.