Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Codex: Space Marines (2020)

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Codex: Space Marines by Games Workshop is a 208 page hardback containing a wealth of background and rules for the Space Marines, a must for all Space Marine collectors. Inside you'll find detailed back ground of this storied army including information on the various chapters and a map of the galaxy. This book also contains a huge collection of rules including data sheets for the entire range, army abilities and wargear lists, rules for every troop type and weapon as well as tactics and strategies for Space Marines, including for the specific chapters.


  • 209 page hardback containing background and rules for Space Marines
  • Includes 98 datasheets covering the entire Space Marines range
  • Contains descriptions and color schemes for the various chapters
  • Lays out strategies and tactics for Space Marines & specific chapters
  • Lists explanations of army abilities and wargear lists