Wash Away Embroidery Stabilizer and Topping Thick Transparent Water-Soluble Film 10 Yards Roll for FSL Embroidery

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  • Simthread thick Transparent film Water-soluble topping embroidery Stabilizer as fusible topping. Thickness 90um, width in 30cm, and length in 10 yards, in Transparent
  • This thick Water Soluble Topping is needed when embroidering FSL (free standing lace), or when you want to machine embroider on heavy-weight fabric that has tendency for "swallowing" stitches. This includes fabric types with high "hair" or loose weave, like these ones: Artificial fur, Terry cloth, Velvet, Corduroy, Loose knits etc
  • This water soluble topping film will prevent the stitches from sinking into the fabric. You will be amazed to compare "with" and "without" stitch outs. "With" can be a gorgeous design, and "without" - bad or totally ruined piece of embroidery
  • How To Use: Just place one layer over the main fabric (no need to hoop the topping). Then embroider. Or hoop it and embroider it directly with FSL design. When finished, remove the large edges of film, and wash away the rest under tap, using room temperature or warm water. This light weight film easily removes with mist or water. No need to soak
  • Notes: DON'T MAKE IT TOUCH ANY WATER BEFORE YOU USE THEM!!!!! Keep the roll in the protection bag when in humid environment (Air humidity 60%+)